August 2014

The national help line was again kept busy this month with a total of 149 calls which equates to 4.8 calls per day!!  Excluding calls about captive bred birds and non raptor species we had a total of 132 calls relating to wild raptors.

This month just over 50% of the calls related to Sparrowhawks with 39% of them being ‘trapped’ in buildings.  Calls were from Barnsley, Birmingham, Bolton, Bury St Edmunds, Hemel Hempstead, Lincoln, Liverpool, London, Malvern, Manchester, Nuneaton, Stoke on Trent, Tamworth and Wolverhampton.  It would appear that Sparrowhawks all over the country have a tendency to chase birds into buildings.  Lesley generally was able to give the caller advise without the need for a rehabilitator to make a journey.

It’s quite surprising just how many people think that RAPTOR RESCUE would deal with pigeons, garden birds, guinea pigs and rabbits!