June 2014

The number of calls to the help line this month were the most for any month this year at 149.  Off those over 81% were to do with wild raptors or enquiries about the charity.  We still had the usual calls for other species of birds including a Zebra Finch, a peacock and even a fox.

We were able to give advice to many of the callers and where necessary refer them to a local rehabilitator.  In early June we had a call about the Peregrines in Hull to say that the parents and chicks were covered in slurry and faeces.  All  were taken in, cleaned and returned to their nest.  At the end of the month we had another report to say that all five babies had fledged and are doing well.

Two other ‘interesting calls: One from a Consultant in Edinburgh who hit a Buzzard when on his way to work, but when Lesley called him back he was in ‘resuss’.  Hope this was not the result of him hitting the Buzzard!  The other was from the Royal London Hospital who had a Sparrowhawk ‘trapped’ in a glass corridor.

There are still some parts of the country where we cannot give callers a number for a local rehabilitator.  If you live in any of the following counties and have facilities then please get in touch with us.  Worcester, Bristol, Middlesborough, Dartmoor.

Please remember that the help line is NOT a 24 hour service and although we have an answering machine for you to leave a message it may on rare occasions, take a couple of days for us to get back to you.  In such situations then we would suggest that you contact your local vet for advice as they have on line access to our rehabilitators handbook and guidelines.