Raptor Rescue membership has increased from the initial ten founding members and now stands at approximately 400 members, a mixture of wildlife centres, household and junior members, many drawn from the falconry fraternity and other interested sectors, as well as concerned members of the public.

Inevitably, rehabilitation is an expensive activity, in terms of both the money required and the time demanded to treat and return an injured or sick bird back to its natural place in the wild.

Raptor Rescue supports our rehabilitators with financial assistance for:

Veterinary assistance
Specialist equipment such as catching nets, hospital units, first aid supplies
Feeding costs
Transportation equipment and costs

Our main sources of revenue are public donations, fees from lectures and, of course, membership subscriptions. Financial assistance is always welcome from any source to assist with all aspects of Raptor Rescue work.

We keep our members and supporters fully informed of activities by publishing regular Newsletters, as well as conducting and publishing an Annual Survey amongst our rehabilitators – helping us gain vital information about the casualties encountered throughout the year and enabling us to reflect on the status of raptor species in the U.K.

Annual subscription to Raptor Rescue is £15.00

If you wish to join, simply click Membership Form  to download an Application Form (In pdf format), which you can print out. Fill it in and pay the appropriate fee either online by selecting the ‘Subscribe’ button below or by cheque.  Email or post (include the appropriate fee if not payed online) the completed form to:

Oscar Godson

25 Cockcroft Avenue
West Midlands