Raptor Rescue FAQ’s

Q. What is a Raptor?   These include all Hawks, Falcons, Buzzards, Kites, Osprey, Harriers, Eagles, Vultures and Owls.

Q. Do you only take in Raptors? YES, but there are other organisations that handle other species.  Bats (0845 1300 228), Hedgehogs (01584 890801) and Reptiles (023 8044 0999) have national help lines otherwise call the RSPCA, ScottishSPCA or similar organisation for your area.

Q. I have picked up a bird which has leather straps on its legs and bells attached, who should I contact? It is most likely that you have picked up an escaped falconer’s bird.  Contact the IBR (0161 790 5613) and give them the details from the leg ring.

Q. Can anyone join Raptor Rescue? Yes, it is not only for Rehabilitators; membership is open to everyone with an interest in Owls and Birds of Prey and you will be made very welcome.

Q. Can anyone become a Rehabilitator?  Yes, but there are a number of steps to becoming an Accredited Rehabilitator.  Look at the Rehabilitation Handbook for details.

Q.  Do you offer training and instruction for Rehabilitators?  Yes to both questions.  We have produced the Rehabilitation Handbook and this can be downloaded from the web site.  We also offer training courses from time to time; again details will be published on our web site.

Q.  Can I visit a Rehabilitator to see what happens?  Yes, this can be arranged but it does depend upon where you live and if you are prepared to travel.  Contact the secretary via email with your details.