Approved Scheme

Changes to the Rehabilitator Application Process and Annual Survey.

Following a lengthy review of the rehabilitator system and annual survey, we are pleased to announce that as of 1st August 2009 we have done away with the old two tier system of ‘Rehabilitator and Approved Rehabilitator’ to a new ‘Accredited Rehabilitator’ system. A new application form has been designed to capture a wider range of information and experience from anyone wanting to become an ‘Accredited Rehabilitator’.


How the new system will work

All Accredited Rehabilitators will be expected to be members of the Charity and sent a membership form with their application form. If they do not return the membership form their application will not be processed. Their membership will only be processed if they are accepted as Accredited Rehabilitators, if their application is rejected, their membership will be returned with the letter explaining why they have been rejected.

All new applications will have to be accompanied by the appropriate evidence requested in order to back up their application. This includes photos of their facilities i.e. aviaries, examination room, equipment. If the back up evidence is not supplied the application will not be processed and returned to the applicant.

All applications will go before the Board of Trustees at one of the quarterly meetings usually held in January, March, June, and September.

If the application is accepted:

  • The applicant will receive a welcome letter with copy of their accredited certificate (dated to the end of the current year)
  • A copy of the Rehabilitation Handbook, which includes our Code of Conduct for Rehabilitators and Fund Raisers

If the application is rejected:

  • We will notify the applicant that they have not been successful and explain why you have not been successful.
  • If the application is rejected because the facilities do not meet our requirements, we will explain what needs to be done and if the short comings are addressed, they can apply again.

All requests for resources must put be to the Board of Trustees in writing (letter or e-mail). These will be reviewed at the next quarterly Trustee meeting.

Accredited rehabilitators can apply for the following:
First aid supplies, Carry boxes, Catch net*, Hospital unit*, Mileage costs#, Vet bills#

*There is a high cost to purchasing these items, therefore applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

#Mileage costs and vet bills can only be claimed for birds that are passed on via our National Helpline Number. (All requests for mileage and vet bills will be checked against the report from the National Helpline for eligibility).

Annual review & survey

  • In January each year the accredited rehabilitator will receive the annual survey request.
  • If the person wishes to continue as an accredited rehabilitator they must complete and return their survey.
  • If they return the survey, their new accredited certificate will be sent to them.
  • If we do not receive their survey by 31st March of that year, they will be taken off the accredited rehabilitators list.

Annual Survey
For a number of years now the annual survey has followed the Raptor Rescue financial year of September to August. We now plan to change this to a calendar year and will link it into the Accredited Rehabilitator System by making it a requirement that all accredited rehabilitators complete the annual survey in order to keep their accreditation.

Raptor Rescue places a great importance on the survey in order to give us an accurate picture of how effective we are. But our annual survey only gives a snap shop of the number of birds being rescued, rehabilitated and released with in the UK. In order to get a better picture, Raptor Rescue is going to contact as many wildlife rescue centers etc as it can find to see if they will be willing to provide information on the number of birds they rescue each year in order to get a more accurate picture of the number of birds being rescued.

Accredited Rehabilitator Application