Raising Public Awareness

Conservation of the wild raptor population is vital with Birds of Prey faced with high juvenile mortality rates (60-80% in first year), declining habitat, continued use of lethal chemical herbicides, deliberate poisoning, accidental and consequential poisoning e.g. rat and fox baits, shooting, trapping and road traffic casualties.

Throughout the year, Raptor Rescue members visit country and agricultural fairs, societies, clubs, schools, fetes and similar events for the dual purpose of education and fund raising.

The Raptor Rescue exhibition, with its distinctive new flag, its collection of display birds (all captive bred with appropriate certificates), its willing and knowledgeable helpers able to explain Raptor Rescue activities, its display posters and information, as well as its sale goods, always proves to be a popular draw at country shows.

We are fortunate to a have a core band of members and rehabilitators willing to dedicate much of their personal time to provide this valuable educational service as Raptor Rescue continues to seek public support for conservation and rehabilitation. It is vitally important that the general public, as well as the specialists with falconry or veterinary knowledge, recognise Raptor Rescue and its aims.

Members representing Raptor Rescue by giving talks or attending shows are required to observe Raptor Rescue requirements, and must have the written permission of the Trustees and must comply with Raptor Rescue rules relating to use of live birds and collecting money.

To book the Raptor Rescue exhibition stand or a talk by one of our members, please contact the Events Organiser.