Discovering an Injured Bird

What should you do if you find an injured Bird of Prey?

Contact the Raptor Rescue National Help and Advice Line – 0870 241 0609

Not all young birds are sick or injured, sometimes they are just over adventurous when learning to fly and need to be left alone for their parents to return and care for them

If left alone owls can often climb trees and their parents are used to finding them in different places

Where a Bird of Prey appears sick or injured or is in danger from predators, first try to catch it using a large towel or similar and place it in a strong dark cardboard box with a piece of carpet or old towel in the bottom to give it something to grip

Do not put it in a wire cat box or wire cage as the wire can damage feathers

Dark cardboard boxes will stop the bird thrashing around and damaging itself further

Next step – Call Raptor Rescue

It is almost impossible to catch a healthy bird but if the bird looks unwell or injured but cannot be caught – Call Raptor Rescue

If the bird is stuck in a tree or trapped in a building and cannot or will not leave -Call Raptor Rescue

Describe the size of the bird, the body colour, the eye colour, any obvious injuries or damage, any other distinguishing features

Describe where the bird was found, under what circumstances and where it is currently located

Raptor Rescue will locate the nearest rehabilitator, falconer or veterinary practice and make arrangements with you and them for the bird to be collected or delivered

Do not feed the bird unless advised to do so and on no account feed it with bacon or salted meats